Annkur Agarwal

Session : WordPress – Foundation Of A Media Company
Time : 04:30pm – 05:10pm

1.Tell us more about how you became interested in WordPress, what about it drives your continued interest?
As a commerce graduate, setting up website wasn’t a natural thing for me. And as I jumped into the world of blogging, WordPress was a lifesaver. Its simplicity is what keeps me interested till date.

2.Can you share your favorite WP Plugin with us.
Has to be Akismet for Anti Spam 🙂 But a best value add is from the Similar Posts Plugin.

3.Can you share your favorite WP theme with us.
I love clean themes that leave a lot of white space around. Wish there was one specific one that I loved.

4.Is WordPress an effective platform for getting your message across ?
Yes. For anything that I want to stick around for years after I have written them, WordPress works the best.

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