Gaurav Singh

Session : WordPress Security:Nothing exposed to WWW is 100% secure.
Time : 03:45pm – 04:25pm

1 Tell us more about how you became interested in WordPress, what about it drives your continued interest?
I got hooked to WordPress in first year of my college when I was new to World of CMS and was experimenting with all CMS available. WordPress instantly drew my attention because of the simplicity of use and scope for developing almost anything I could dream for.For me its not just WordPress as a CMS that makes me keep loving it, more important is the powerful community behind WordPress ready to answer almost any question in such short time that can make best customer support companies feel shy. The eagerness to help as found in this community is incomparable to any other Open Source project.

2 Can you share your favourite WP Plugin with us.
Akismet is the plugin I love most as it helps fight spammers and rarely misses target.

3 Can you share your favorite WP theme with us.
For me, Twenty Twelve is the best theme out there in market.

4 Is WordPress an effective platform for getting your message across?
WordPress is now the most popular and powerful platform to do anything you want. For me, its always the first choice when it comes to creating any personal or clients project. As said earlier, I believe you can achieve anything you dream off in web world with WordPress.

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