Nikhil Vishnu


Session : Building Native Mobile Apps with WordPress
Time : 01:45pm – 02:25pm

1.Tell us more about how you became interested in WordPress, what about it drives your continued interest?I started off using wordpress as my personal blog from But I really fell in love with wordpress when I started using it in a self hosted environment. There is no limit for what you can do with this small 5mb package. I have developed small one page websites to very big news portals on this platform. Flexibility, ease of customization and finally the beautiful content presentation are the main advantages of wordpress over all other CMS platforms.

2.Can you share your favorite WP Plugin with us.
JSON-API (I know it is outdated. But still it is very powerful)

3.Can you share your favorite WP theme with us.
Diavlo by fabthemes

4.Is WordPress an effective platform for getting your message across ?
Yes, absolutely

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