Savita Soni

Session : Power of WP Query
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1 Tell us more about how you became interested in WordPress, what about it drives your continued interest?”
I was aware of wordpress as a blogging platform but started working on it for one of our client’s site 4 years back. While working on it I had made a small plugin for logging errors and status of my code which make me realised that wordpress is really cool and easy, we can actually do modular coding without touching actual code anywhere. WordPress is not only for blogger but it can be used for almost any kind of website that drives me to continue work with that.

2 Can you share your favorite WP Plugin with us
Can’t say any one specific but Next Gen Gallery, S2 member, contact form 7 are good one.

3 Can you share your favorite WP theme with us
Twenty eleven, default themes.

4 Is WordPress an effective platform for getting your message across ?
In respect to blog yes it is, but I used and using wordpress more then blogging or can say other then blogging 🙂

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